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10 Beautiful icons set for web developers and designers

This post contains a collection of 10 beautiful and very popular icons set useful to be used in your web applications or your websites.

1. Web development iconsDownload
Web development icons is a set with 60 free icons in web 2.0 style (24×24). These icons are free to use in any kind of project unlimited times.

2. Function free icon setDownload
A great collection designed by Liam McKay. All icons are free for personal non-commercial use:

3. PixeliciousDownload
150 beautiful pixel icons designed by PixelResort:

4. Social Web ButtonDownload
Another great collection of social icons set provided from WebFruits:

5. Sweetie PackDownload
Sweetie Pack is a popular clean and beautiful icons set with other 100 icons. I suggest you to read this post. CSS Message Box collection with sweetie pack:

6. FeedIconsDownload
This is a beautiful icon set feed

7. Mini IconsDownload
Super mini icons set for web applications designed by FamFamFam:

8. Tango Icons SetDownload
The Tango icon library contains a basic set of icons for the most common usage. To make it easier for a developer to find an appropriate icon for their application a number of aids are there to help.

9. MonofactorDownload
Monofactor is a beautifu set contains 25 scalable Illustrator format icons:

10. Aquaticus Social IconsDownload
Aquaticus is a beautiful social icons set designed by Jwoloh (60×60, 48×48, 24×24, 16×16):

source : http://www.httpartist.com/beta/resources/freebies/1088-10-beautiful-icons-set-for-web-developers-and-designers.html

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